Christmas event for Compassion Fund’s beneficiaries – an event supported by Women’s Weekly


Share-A-Meal: Be the Hero they Need

In Share A Meal, a little goes a long way. Give the equivalent of what you would spend on lunch and help a family in crisis.

This kid-friendly programme is Compassion Fund’s annual fund-raising effort, encouraging everyone to show compassion to others. During this period, we encourage both children and adults to “share-a-meal”,  by donating the cash value of their meal on that day.

SAM reminds us that we all have a shared responsibility to help the disadvantaged. Funds raised from SAM will enable students and their families to move beyond their difficulties and give them opportunities which they would otherwise not have.


Please join us to Share-A-Meal today by:

  • Organising a get-together with your friends and family over the festive periods, encouraging everyone to Share-A-Meal and donate the proceeds.
  • Encouraging the staff of your company to Share-A-Meal.
  • Corporate management may choose to match the staff donations, dollar-for-dollar, in an event your organisation planned to carry out for this charity drive.
  • Donating what you would spend on a meal.

Email manager@compassionfund.sg to find out more

Festive Giving

Many of us may not be aware that very low-income families are in a constant struggle for basic necessities that the majority of us take for granted. Let’s brighten up their lives this Festive Season by bringing the celebrations to their doorstep.

Please make your Festive giving donation to Compassion Fund through our campaign at https://www.giving.sg/compassion-fund/compassion_fund_festive_giving or you can contact us directly via email: manager@compassionfund.sg for Corporate donations.

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