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Share-The-Strength is a fund-raising campaign inspired in part, by the extra challenges that came with the Covid-19 and circuit breaker response. Compassion Fund received an increased number of applications from families in need of financial assistance. Our existing beneficiaries also required more assistance, as some families experienced loss of income or an inability to secure employment due to the pandemic. Share-The-Strength aims to raise more funds so that Compassion Fund can continue to cater to the needs of our new and existing beneficiaries. We will be contacting our existing supporters of Compassion Fund as well as outreaching to potential supporters of our work. Our focus will be on approaching businesses, corporates and individuals who are interested in our on-going work with low income families and also those who have a particular interest in helping families facing added burdens due to the Covid-19 situation.

All funds raised by Compassion Fund during our campaigns go towards the central work of the Fund. Our mission is to provide immediate financial help to students from low-income families facing the crisis of a recent death, an illness or accident of a family member, resulting in loss of income. Our clients are usually referred to us through schools, hospitals and community partners such as Family Service Centers. Timely assistance PREVENTS these families from spiralling into poverty or developing other chronic family problems that may negatively impact a child’s schooling. Our outreach encompasses all racial and religious communities within Singapore.

Our campaign starts on the 23rd July 2023, and ends on the 30th November 2023

To support us in our cause, you may make contributions to Share-The-Strength via 2 methods :-

  1. Digital Platforms

2. Send a cheque to the following address. Please state that donations are for Share-The-Strength 2023, citing one of the above URLs, (See no.1) at the back of the cheque. The cheque has to be sent within campaign period.

Compassion Fund Ltd
23 Lengkee Rd
Singapore 159095