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Compassion Fund would like to you to join us in Share-A-Meal, our annual fundraising event. Share-A-Meal raises funds to give prompt assistance and financial support to low-income families of students in crisis due to  a recent death, major illness or accident of the family breadwinner.

Contributions via Share-A-Meal help a significant 120 families in crisis at any one time. We hope that participating in our Share-A-Meal campaign will inspire our younger generation to develop the habit of sharing with the less privileged amongst us.

  1. Digital Platforms

2. Send a cheque to the following address. Please state that donations are for Share-A-Meal 2024, citing one of the above URLs, (See no.1) at the back of the cheque. The cheque has to be sent within campaign period.

Compassion Fund Ltd
23 Lengkee Rd
Singapore 159095