CF Application Form

The application form for Compassion Fund can be downloaded via,

  1. CF Application Form 2023 (Word Format)
  2. CF Application Form 2023 (PDF Format)

For more information on our criteria, please contact us or refer to the application form.

Schools, Kindergartens, VWOs, Family Service Centres, hospital MSWs and all helping agencies can apply for Compassion Fund (with consent) using the above application form. Please scan and email the duly completed application form with supporting documents to or contact us at:

Tel: 6265 0291
Fax: 6265 0271

Duration of Assistance

This crisis response financial assistance is geared towards granting respite to the family in their time of need. Assistance will be short term, hence typically between 3 to 12 months subject to review and assessment.

For longer-term assistance, Compassion Fund will work with the referring agency/school and family, to develop holistic and systemic support in the long run.