For schools and community partners

How it works

A child spends a big part of his/her time in school, and teachers often take a keen interest in the well-being of their students. Hence, we encourage schools to make recommendations to Compassion Fund on behalf of their students when their families are in crisis.

Crisis meaning the breadwinner inflicted by illness/met an accident that resulted in a loss of income, and/or death. Principals, teachers, and counsellors from our referring partners are empowered and entrusted to make sound assessments of their students’ needs. Compassion Fund will do its own assessment through home visits as well.

Teachers, principals, counsellors, social workers and all helping partners can apply on behalf of:

  • Students who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents; and
  • Students in Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, JC and tertiary levels in mainstream schools; and
  • Families facing a loss of income due to breadwinners who are in any of the following crises:
    a) Death
    b) Accidents
    c) Major illnesses


  • Applications may be made by all institutions/agencies on behalf of a student whose family is facing the above-stated crisis.
  • Consent must be received from parents or guardians before applications are sent to Compassion Fund.
  • Crises of a non-immediate family member will not be eligible (E.g. retrenchment, imprisonment are not considered crisis)