Touching Lives

The Lim family

Mrs Lim, her daughter Lin and son Seng were left without a source of income, when her husband passed away in an industrial accident.

Mrs. Lim had to find a job to support the family. At the same time, she had to take care of Seng who has special needs. Mrs. Lim was overwhelmed by the sudden change in events, the lack of income and her additional responsibilities.

Compassion Fund helped with the family’s finances for the interim. We also helped to place Seng in a day activity centre where he could pick up essential skills on living independently.

This relieved some of the pressure on Mrs Lim. Now, she is less stressed and is able to focus on finding a job to support the family towards independence.

The Pan family

The Pan children had to endure death and sickness of both their parents. Mr. Pan passed away after a year-long struggle with stomach cancer. After much hardship taking care of Mr. Pan, just as the family began to adjust to the loss, Mrs. Pan was diagnosed with glaucoma.

Mrs. Pan buckled under the stress and fear of losing her sight and livelihood. The weight of her new role overwhelmed her. Constantly worried about her children’s future she pushed them to excel in their studies. The children were often subjected to punishments and scoldings.

Compassion Fund provided the family with financial assistance and this gave Mrs. Pan space to work towards strengthening her family.

Mrs. Pan shared her fears and anxieties over several home visits, and she gradually became more aware of how her grief impacted her parenting and relationship with the children. Financial assistance and emotional support from Compassion Fund allowed the family to be resilient and build new lives.

The Raju family

Devi’s father, Mr Raju, was diagnosed with colon cancer, and the family depended solely on her mother’s income.

To care for Mr. Raju, Mrs. Raju had to reduce her work hours which meant a drastic cut in their income. Medical expenses and transport costs further depleted the family’s savings. Devi’s education was also a great concern, as it was the year of her PSLE.

Compassion Fund provided timely financial assistance which lessened Mr. and Mrs. Raju’s worries. Devi was also encouraged to study through a bursary award.

Devi has since done extremely well in her PSLE and is now studying in a good school of her choice. The short term financial and emotional support provided by Compassion Fund allowed the family to work towards stability and independence.

The Ibrahim family

Noridin was referred to Compassion Fund by his primary school just 4 days after his father had passed away. The family was still grieving, his mother was very distraught and not ready to speak to outsiders yet. The counsellor suggested we wait a few weeks before contacting Mdm. Fatimah (Noridin’s mother).

Two weeks later, Compassion Fund made a home visit. Mr. Ibrahim had passed away just after a month of being diagnosed with advanced stage of lung cancer. Mdm. Fatimah suffered from a long list of ailments and was unable to work. While Noridin attended school regularly, he needed help for his daily care and guidance.

Compassion Fund provided financial assistance while Mr. Ibrahim’s CPF money was being processed, and worked closely with a family service centre close to the family’s home so they could provide longer term support.
Noridin attends school regularly, and the timely intervention by Compassion Fund has ensured that the family was supported through its period of grief.